Weekly Astro Imprint: July 25th-31st 2016

By RiverWater Astrology

This year’s primary theme-Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces- continues as the undercurrent for the other energy interactions occuring. Saturn’s astringent presence in freedom-lovin’ Sagittarius asks us to define our personal philosophy, to make definite decisions about long distance travel or learning objectives, and (as is always the case with the Time Lord) to face any delusions that block the connection to our highest sparkling Self. In its square with the shamanic Neptune energy, growth expatiates with tactics addressing our subconscious realm- meditation, yoga, alchemical salt baths, dream deciphering, and the like.

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Monday July 25th and Tuesday 26th kick start the week with a fiery bolt of energy. The Sun having joined Venus and Mercury in the fabulous sign of Leo over the weekend, the Moon in Aries has our eyes blazing with the audacity, unapologetically shining our truth. Any task we want to tackle is best addressed with confidence in our own ability/self, rather than the drudging sense that likes to accompany us into an obligation. A brilliant time to express one’s Truth with glamour and bravado, you may find that people around you have a bit more ego than normal. Treat yourself to some fresh-squeezed organic lemonade and keep your flawless composure throughout, lest the spotlight turns its eye on you.  

Wednesday, July 27th brings an electrifying trine between Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Leo. This alignment brings somewhat astonishing insight and genius prospects fall from the mouths of the most unexpected and chance encounters have significance. A prime time to catch the Divine communicating to your highest aspirations (especially through technology, with futuristic Uranus involved), keep your eyes and ears alert! Games and intellectual conversations are great for this fiery vibe. This carries through Thursday, 28th.

On Friday, July 29th, Warrior Mars in Scorpio squares Mercury in Leo, making for more rushed responses and aggressive communication. Keep an eye on own mindset and think twice before a sharp retort flies out unchecked. We can channel this hyper energy to our advantage. Any intellectual drive (Mercury) can be pursued with renewed vigor (Mars), think public speaking (with a well-structured concept, ideally) and high-speed internet. Physical activity can really help ground the excess fire if you are feeling scattered. Also Friday, Uranus turns retrograde, upping the weird
synchronicity factor that started on Thursday.

Saturday, July 30th, Mercury moves into Virgo, shifting our mindsets to focus more on precision than on performance (Leo). A sign of details and pragmatics, we can start to shift through our lives and rid ourselves of unnecessary baggage more easily. Yard sale, perhaps? Problem-solving abilities are enhanced, especially in league with the unexpected insights from Uranus. Imaginative capabilities are enhanced.  Library trips, enrolling in a new class, or re-vamping your health routine are ways you can synch with this energy. Connect with your inner Hermione Granger!

Sunday, July 31st, Venus in Leo trines Uranus in Aries. This is extra supportive astrology for creativity and self-confidence boosting. Glam yourself up and get to the art museum!


Jordan River