Weekly Astro Imprint: August 1st-7th 2016

By River Water Astrology

                              Welcome August!

This week started off on Monday, August 1st, with the Sun in Leo and trine Saturn in Sagittarius, plus Venus in Leo trine Uranus in Aries. Fire signs are super energetic, and a supportive aspect between the Sun and Saturn are excellent in terms of forging through workloads.

On Tuesday, August 2nd , Mars joins in the fire fray in Sagittarius.

This feels liberating, coming from the murky psychological depth plumbing of Mars in Scorpio.

Later in the day and into Wednesday, August 3rd, the New Moon in Leo aligns! New moons are all about fresh beginnings, renewed intents, and brilliant plans for the coming moon cycle (month). The Sun, always lighting our path, in conjunction with the Moon, reminding us of self-care, calls us to find the best balance of inner fire and outer goals.

The sign of Leo is all about fabulous looks (that flowing mane!), glamorous appearances (think theater), self-love, and the creative fire we all hold within us. Intending to re-establish our belief in ourselves as Creators and committing to love the true expression of our soul, we can find our strength to share with the world our greatest gifts! A fire ritual can assist in fixing our attention to manifest intent.

Try writing down any fears or insecurities that you hold about yourself, then burning the list, releasing all worry to the great expansive Universe  while repeating “I love myself and always will.” Make a list of your favorite assets and put by your mirror as a daily reminder of the freshly revealed you. Or design a ritual that fits you! Creativity time.

On Thursday, August 4th, The fire vibe ebbs away a bit when the moon moves into earthy Virgo where Jupiter and Mercury, and Friday, August 5th, Venus joins in the Virgo party. Following our bright intentions of the Leo New Moon, we gain some objective perspective of our health, daily routines, and writing that need some sprucing/adjustments to carry out our plans flawlessly.

Saturday, August 6th, Mercury in Virgo joins the Saturn in Sag. And Neptune in Pisces. This vibe can blur lines of communication, avoid being drawn into a situation without awareness and hold fast to your own beliefs that you have been honing in on this year. Any response of fear or anxiety can be examined and understood objectively, rather than an energy leak. Keep awareness keen!

Also, Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Sagittarius, which can be tense energy to navigate. This is definitely a day to maintain a grounded perspective and observe reactions to others without attachment. Emotions flow through us as indications of convictions and assumptions for understanding and evolving, they do not define us.

Moving into Sunday, August 7th, Mercury’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces is solidified. As stated earlier, this alignment can mean muddled communications, but there is always a positive to any energy. With Mercury boosted by spiritual Neptune, our ability to bring insight into our thought processes is enhanced. We are supported by our highest Self to hear the Universe’s call to greatness- to shift from pre-set programmed responses into conscious creating!



Jordan River