5 Points Local Grand Opening


On May 7th, after a few months working out the kinks and learning how to serve our communities best, Lisa Asvestas and her team at 5 Points Local officially welcomed the city in to experience the love and comfort we work to share through the locally-sourced, non-GMO, organic as much as possible food we offer, the light-filled serenity of our yoga studio and the delicious, locally roasted and ethically sourced coffee and espresso served up by our super-star smiling baristas.

Daniel Mery crooning to the crowd- getting things started.

Daniel Mery crooning to the crowd- getting things started.

Bygoe Zubiate transitioning the mood to something a little more rock-n-roll.

Femina X bringing the ethereal but also the dancing...

WHAT A BLAST WE HAD WITH YOU ALL!!!! Serving as the official "After Party" and donating a portion of everything made that day to Green Spaces Alliance's annual fundraiser, Sicloverde, guests danced the day away and felt good doing it. Thank you to our bands who totally rocked it and truly made it a party to remember. With Bygoe Zubiate, Daniel MeryChris CondeFemina X and Azul's Toromata it would have been impossible to go wrong. These fantastic bands represent such a beautiful sampling of the incredible talent San Antonio has to offer and their music encompassed the inclusivity and broad spectrum of communities in which 5 Points Local participates.

Special thanks to our sponsors and those who donated time and energy to our big day: The Cove,  Alamo Bike ShopTruckin' TomatoWhite Elephant Coffee Co.Alchemy Kombucha and RestaurantRanger Creek BrewingBranchline Brewing Co.Becker VineyardsAerial Yoga Boerne, Gaurdopia,  Tommy Hopkins, Amanda FloresDaniel Mery, Representative Bernal, and Councilman Trevino. Please check them out and help support these incredible companies and people. They all make up a big part of what makes this city great.

Thank you to our artisan and farmer's market vendors who participated- again, a lovely sampling of the inspired independent and local sustenance individuals in this city create to nourish our bellies as well as our souls.  If you have a moment, please check out their wares: Andrea Sepulveda Jewelry, Tommy Munster Art, Michele Parlee Art, Marc Arevalo Photography, Bygoe Zubiate Art, Michelle Claire Art, Truckin' TomatoDeep River Specialty Foods, White Elephant Coffee Co. and Alchemy Kombucha and Restaurant.

And finally, a huge Thank You also to all who came out and to all who sent us your supportive energy in spirit that day!

The support and involvement we've experienced thus far has been awe-inspiring and humbling. It helps remind us that we are here, more than anything, as a platform and instigator for the growth and fostering of mindfulness in our communities. 

As such, we will begin publishing interviews and insights from our various community members weekly along with any other little tidbits we think our friends, neighbors and supporters are interested in learning. The more participation in this process, the more helpful we are able to be. So please leave us a comment and let us know what you like, ideas as to what we can do to serve you better or just positive thoughts you'd like to share! If you happen to have any pics of the Grand Opening you think are cool, please post- we'd love to see them!