Meet our Teachers:

Stephanie Carter, Ph.D., ERYT

Stephanie has been practicing, studying and/or teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years. She is a licensed psychologist, and is registered with Yoga Alliance as an ERYT 200, and is working toward her ERYT 500 hour. She is passionate about making yoga education accessible to everyone. Stephanie’s classes are lighthearted and playful, and  provide a laboratory for cultivating awareness and self-acceptance. She believes strongly in yoga’s ability to cultivate skills and attitudes that create better mental health and a more meaningful life off the mat. 

Vernette Ayers, RYT200

 V is passionate about health and healing with love and compassion.  Guiding and nurturing others through yoga builds upon that as she loves to help her students discover their inner and outer strength at all levels.  In V's classes students learn to develop a practice that best fits them and they are challenged to explore their own hidden ability and potential.  V has multiple certifications in yoga with her classes ranging from Beginner Workshops to Mixed-Level Vinyasa to Ashtanga Led Primary.  She believes that continuous development as a dedicated and humble student only strengthens us as teachers and she will continue to explore the many paths in yoga of strength, health and healing in order to share it with others.

abby johnson, RYT200

Abby's life path led her to discover yoga 10 years ago in an endeavor to find balance and the coping skills necessary to deal with life’s multitude of stresses. She became inspired to pass on the wonderful tools that she has learned of breath, movement, and mediation to others by completing a 200 hour teacher certification course in 2014, which gave her an empoweringfoundation of the Vinyasa & Ashtanga styles of yoga practice. This has changed her life both on and off the mat!

Her classes are for all levels of students who are wanting to pursue the benefits of strength, flexibility and stress relief while cultivating self-awareness and loving-kindness in all of one's efforts. She enjoys creating an environment which is filled with positive and balanced energy. "It is my passion in life to help and teach others to enjoy yoga as much as I have!"

Adyn Pipoly, RYT200

adyn .001.jpeg

“Not to sound entirely cliché, but yoga changed my life. I first found the practice in 2007 in search of an activity to maintain my post-high school cheerleading physique. Little did I know, the abundant pool of love and support I was dipping my seventeen-year-old toes into would materialize into playing such a massive role in my life. After years of varying degrees of consistent yoga practice, I embarked on my YTT journey in the winter of 2015, after losing both my grandfather and father to cancer just days apart. Heartbroken, lost and angry to say the least, yoga was (and is) a place of non judgement that I could lean into. My practice was like sacrament, my mat a proverbial sponge that would soak and devour my heartache- however it was showing up that day. My intention as teacher is to always remain a student. My hope is that I create a safe space for anyone in my class to move through what they need to, on whatever sliding scale. To heal, to let go, to start over again. Feeling is healing the issues in the tissues!”

dominique campa, ryt200

Dominique Campa  .jpg

“I found yoga in 2011 while training for a half-marathon and quickly discovered the amazing benefits it had to offer. My soul was full! The more I practiced, I noticed that my energy flowed more and I felt more grounded in my life when I needed it the most. 

I learned how to use yoga as a tool to move inward and invite transformation of my breath, mind, and body. My whole outlook changed. Wow, I thought, I want to give this feeling of peace to others. In spring of 2016, after months of training, I completed my 200-HR RYT program at Infinity Yoga in Atlanta, GA. 

Having a background in hospitality, I live to create a welcoming atmosphere by giving yogis an experience each time they step onto the mat. My hope is that everyone will leave class feeling lighter, yet stronger, and inspired to spread gratitude and kindness into the world - one breath at a time.  Namaste.”

stephanie cavazos, ryt200

Stephanie complete her RYT200 training and received the title of Yoga Siromani, minister of yoga from the Vastu School of Yoga in October 2012. She is grateful to her amazing teachers Lal, Lorrie and Geeta for their love and selflessness in sharing their knowledge of Yoga. Stephanie teaches a traditional, classical style of yoga based on the teachers of Swami Sivananda. She enjoys serving others and wants nothing more than to share the practice and continue to learn and help others. 

"Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way" ~ Vishnudevanada Sarawati

Abi Steinsiek RYT200


Abí’s shamanic yoga teaching style pulls from her various teachers around the world. Receiving direct downloads from Dr. Amy Overman, Sarahjoy Marsh, Lisa Skaff, Ganga Puri, Levi Banner and Linda Star Wolf. She received her BA in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience and has been classically trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Shamanic Yoga. In addition, she is a Shamanic Breathwork® facilitator and incorporates this style of breathwork within her asana sequences. Her yoga classes interweave asana, bhakti, pranayama, breathwork, alignment, anatomy, neuroscience, mindfulness tools, Ayurveda, the elements, drumming and shamanism!

Within her classes, Abí invites her students to find their own inner enlightenment ingredients by offering a safe container for them to investigate different spices on their mats. Encouraging them to taste different postures, yoga styles, attitudes, behaviors, thought processes, and lifestyles in order for them to create their own juicy- delicious- self-awakening recipe.


ashley ludwick RYT200

Ashley believes practicing yoga is an organic state that is always expanding and evolving in the practitioner. She enjoys teaching in the style of Hatha for the freedom it lends to revealing the authentic self. In the years since her first class,she has nurtured a relationship with yoga that has given back more than she could have dreamed possible: physically, emotionally and spiritually. She became an instructor to share exactly that. Ashley likes to sequence her classes in such a way that ensures each muscle group is addressed and the spirit is nourished. She focuses on breathing in tandem with moving, creating a place of quiet in the body to relieve tension, and focus to relax the mind . As a person becomes more open and aware on the mat, she/he will inevitably carry it off the mat to share with others.

Laura tripplet ryt200

Laura’s parents practiced yoga in the years before and after her birth, it was they who introduced her to yoga as a small child; one of her favorite books was Rachel Carr’s “Be a Frog, A Bird or A Tree” which led to the discovery of some of her favorite asanas. She drifted away and returned a few times before realizing the benefits were just too good to live without. Upon ascertaining this, she began to think about teaching, she then enrolled in and graduated from Esther Vexler Yoga School, and now sits on their Board of Directors. She teaches in a hatha style with an emphasis on breathwork. He favorite Iyengar quote is, “The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but the true value is the light that shines through it.” She believes yoga has helped her shine a little brighter and enjoys through teaching, helping her students explore and discover how to shine a little brighter themselves.

CARLOS GOMEz lascurain

Carlos Gomez.jpg

"My passion is to remind people that they are primarily in charge of their health and well being. Take a deep breath, move and think positive thoughts. Its that simple, but its not easy. Yoga is a great way to cultivate self awareness, the first step to optimal health. With 9+ years experience teaching yoga, and having learned from some of the best yoga teachers in the world, I will create a class tailored to the students in front of me. Everyone can practice yoga and I have taught it to a huge aray of students from NBA/NFL Athletes and Cirque du Soleil performers, to people living with chronic pain, disabled seniors and children. Let me help you feel better than ever with yoga!"

heather love, ryt200

heather love 1.jpg

I first discovered yoga over 20 years ago while beginning my university studies in Colorado.  It was love at first practice, and the seed had been planted when my professor suggested that I was a prime candidate for being a yoga instructor myself.  I continued to practice until traveling to Nosara, Costa Rica to earn my teaching certificate in January of 2011.  I have been teaching as a certified yoga instructor ever since, but I will always be a student as my knowledge continues to expand.  My goal in my teaching experience is to provide an invitation to my students to offer better health and wellness to their lives through self-care.  I support and teach a relaxed, non-competitive learning style of interdisciplinary yoga. I am honored to be sharing my knowledge with the San Antonio community since moving here from Austin, and I'm looking forward to broadening my horizon on many levels!

The divine in me honors the divine in you~

amy collins 500hr

Amy Collins 3.jpg

Amy Collins is a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor and Freelance Writer loving the sunshine in San Antonio. Yoga found Amy when she was 18 and it quickly became a foundation upon which she wanted to build her life. She studied across the country in California and Washington, officially receiving her 500 Hour Training at Yoga Bala in Port Orange, FL. Amy has a laid-back teaching style and loves to combine the heat building breath and movement of Ashtanga with the patience strengthening restorative holds of Yin practice. Amy encourages everyone to find humor and lightness no matter where they are in life. Her classes are catered to all levels of practice-- expect hands-on adjustments and laughter. You can follow Amy on Instagram @whereisamycollins. 

anne mccarthy eryt200, ryt500, YACEP, m.ed

Anne McCarthy.jpg

Anne approaches yoga with wholehearted wonder. Using props and detailed alignment instructions, she cultivates awareness and curiosity while providing a place of authentic exploration where students can nurture their stillness, playfulness, and joy. She encourages students to learn how to surrender in each pose, and the wisdom to listen to their own inner teacher. Carving out a space for students to engage in the practice of being centered and creating space to observe themselves as a wholehearted person.

Living up to her childhood nickname of Monkey, she loves the freedom of hanging upside down and swinging. She is an experienced registered yoga teacher having taught over 1,000 hours of yoga. Earning her RYT at the 200 hour level from the Esther Vexler Yoga School, her 500 hour certification from The Alchemy of Form and Flow with Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker, continuing education provider for yoga teachers (YACEP), and is also a certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor that has trained in kid’s aerial yoga with Yogapeutics. Outside of the studio, she loves to walk her dogs, has a Master’s in Education and taught high school math for 9 years. 

Travis Ramos RYT200


Travis Ramos, RYT-200, explored inner-connections early on while growing up in Puerto Rico and Texas. He took his teacher training at Kindness Yoga in 2018 in Golden, CO while attending college. He now works as an environmental engineer and teaches yoga as a passion to offer others the space to take a step back and look within. His classes are filled with reflections, dry humor, sweaty enlightenment, and plenty of fun. He looks forward to meeting you on your mat!